Craft Room Update!!

After a lot of work, and a lot of watching my DH install LED lighting into my closet, I am back to give you an update on the craft room re-do.

So, we moved the bedroom furniture out and the craft room furniture into the new space.  Everything still isn’t moved from the old room, but I had a request for pictures, so here we go!  Partway through!

Going to get a (hopefully) blue cover for the futon to mimic the blue on the opposite wall.

Considering making a cover for the little trunk so it’ll be white, and going to visit the Goodwill today for a lamp to spray-paint white to put the lampshade on.

I like this style of sterilite container, but they’re too wide for the shelf, so I’m going to get some of the wire cubies from Target and make fabric-covered drawers for them, or see what other sizes are available in that style of sterilite.

Here is the closet with the lights on. They rock.

This is to show you what it looks like from the other side. The strips on the wall are LED strips, and he even put in a light switch, cause my DH is The Awesome.

Craft room re-invention, day 2.

So today, with the help of the DH, I moved the furniture (but for one piece, it’s big and we only want to move it once) out of my soon-to-be craft room and headed to Lowes and Target for new storage options.

I got overwhelmed at Lowes and had to leave.

So then we went to Target, where I was presented with relatively similar options (I don’t want to re-do the entire closet!) and of course, in my infinite “thriftiness,” settled on Seterilite (sp?) containers. The drawer kind. They’re nice…. you’ll have to see them when I want to take pictures. That day is not tonight.

I also got a new lampshade and throw pillow that ties the brown and blue of the walls in with the, well… ugly yellow of the chairs I inherited from my grandparent’s house. They’re seventies-tastic, and now make total sense. What’s old is new again, right? The only thing to make these more new will be to fix that pesky spring in the one… hm…

So now, I just have to start setting into motion what I have started. In slow little bits. Sssslllloooow. If I move too quickly, it’ll just continue to be a mess!!

The Craft Room Experiment

I am calling this an experiment because I am dubious that the first iteration of this craft room will be *perfect*.  I had shiny, happy notions that my current space would be functional and pretty.  Hah.  I present the evidence.

Exhibit A

There are several things wrong with this view.  First, i have tons of baskets around, with either nothing in them, a hodge-podge in them, or things I don’t really touch in them.  So why are they front-and-center?  And the chest of drawers, well, those drawers are full of random.  Also, there are two seating options: the futon, and the red chair.  Both are comfortable, but the red chair is mainly for desk use, and the futon…. well, the futon.  It was made with it’s “slats” running up-and-down instead of side-to-side, so the mattress is bad about slipping down so that it is no longer comfy.  And it’s metal to boot, which makes the problem a daily one.

I have done some research on this… there is a product called “futon grip” that is made to tackle this problem.  It looks *exactly* like that stuff you put under your rug to keep it from slipping, so I’m going to acquire some of that at the local Ollie’s or Ross or some other discount store and fix that problem.  Also, I’m going to get a new cover (read: fitted sheet) for the mattress that is white, cream, or some other color like that.  The green-ish blanket isn’t doing it for me anymore.  (The cover that came with the futon is yellow.  While I don’t hate yellow, I don’t think it will work with the new feel I am hoping I’ll have.)

Exhibit B.

So here we are looking back at where I was just standing.  I hung the fiber on the door to make a fun background for my video podcast (, but I am beginning to feel it’s just….messy.  Fiber needs better organization.  Also, I loved the bookcase when we started; I had x-slats in them on most of the shelves stuffed with my yarn, but I am no good at organizing it so it’s pretty, so I moved to baskets with my special yarn in them.  Now, they are overflowing and it’s just chaotic.

And that’s the inside of the closet.  I really don’t think I need to go into detail here.  Chaos, mess, crazy.  Not organized, calming, inspiring.

So, step one is to visualize a new organization system.

Well, step one is to clean out the room I’m moving into.  The hubby has convinced me (mostly) that I should switch with what is now the guest room.  It’s a bigger space, hardwood floors, and is on the side of the house where afternoon light is the best.   So, once that furniture is out….

I will be shifting my stuff into the new space.  I have some sketches.  And my pinterest board (which is here) for inspiration.  I am imagining mostly white furniture/shelving/etc, and plan to paint the chest of drawers white. (for those of you that will be flipping out because I’m painting an old perfectly good chest, you need to know that the front of the drawers are plastic.  This is not high-quality heirloom furniture.)  The walls are tan/brown with a blue accent wall… I am considering stenciling the blue wall, or putting some of those fun stick-up decals on it.  (I would paint the room, but I don’t want to spend all my enthusiasm on painting then just throw stuff in the room hap-hazardly.  I know me.)

I am imagining a wall full of shelving with the little cloth-drawer-basket things on most of it for yarn and fiber storage with one of the bottom shelves tall enough to store my spinning wheels, and one shelf reserved for the little tv and some dvds.  On the front of my little basket/drawer things I want to put little plaques made of dry-erase board or painted with chalk-board paint so I can easily label what’s in each basket.  I plan to put one to several projects in each basket, or only yarn of one kind or weight.

I want to have a display for my “special” yarns, but I will probably put them on the wall in some clever display thing instead of on the shelf.

And I want a clock made out of a doily.

And I want a doily rug.

But those last two things will have to come later, since I’ll have to make them!

Oh my goodness. I am making this.

I am mainly posting this because, well, I found it on a friend’s facebook page and when I tried to get to where she found it I couldn’t. And I want to put it on my pinterest board. So I am shamelessly putting the image here to pin. Hah. But, come on. It’s a doily clock. It’s friggin’ awesome. Where it came from is splattered across the image, and you know I am not claiming it as my own.

The Kindness of Knitters

This week, a member of the knitting community (Karrie Steinmetz, known as knitpurlgurl on ravelry) passed away.  She had a video blog (, and was a designer and dyer.

I didn’t (regularly) watch her vidcast, nor have I bought any of her wares.  But, for whatever reason when I saw the news, I was saddened.  And then amazed.

There is an impromptu knit-along for any one of her patterns going on right now, to keep her and her family in our thoughts and to also help the family out… every little cent they make from her patterns could help in this time.

What other community do you know that would join together in such a big way?  Knitters have a way of coming together under a cause like no other.  I’m looking through my stash right now with plans for a Lady Edith (or possibly Crosswords at the Coffee Shop, depending on what kind of stash I find!).

Please send your thoughts/prayers out for Karrie’s family, and for all of those whose lives she touched.

Core Spinning?

Seems like I am only coming to post here roughly every 3 months.  If you want more of me, please visit for my video blog!

Last time, I was talking about the fiber I am spinning to knit my first handspun sweater. To update you on that, I reached 12 ounces this month, which I estimate to work out to 1200 yards of a 2-ply or 800 yards of a 3-ply.  I am planning to spin at least 4 more ounces then do some sample plying – spin maybe 10 yards with 2 of my singles plyed together, then 10 or so yards with 3 of my singles plyed together, then wash both of them and knit up little swatch squares to see which will be what works for my sweater pattern.  It will probably be the New Year before I get around to all that.

For “fun” spinning (i.e. – not looking at brown), I have decided to learn how to core spin.  Core spinning is the process of taking an existing yarn and cover it up with fiber.  I found this here video on YouTube that really seems to have a lot of good information for how to core spin.

I am a little nervous – this is going to be my first foray into the world of spinning art yarn.  I have gotten into this rut with my spinning – I seem to always spin the same single and then either 2 ply or chain ply it back on itself.  It’s starting to get a little boring (though I am glad that I am predictable in my spinning now!!).  This will be my first branching out from that norm, and I have decided to use this beautiful batt from Knittyandcolor with some white crochet cotton as my core (because I have it and it is cheap).

I hope to get to that soon and will keep you updated!

In kitty news – Paul and I have moved into the room intended to be the master bedroom (we were in the “old” master with the intent of renovating the current master bathroom, but have realized it will be a while before we get around to that) and so are now sleeping on a king-sized bed.  This means all 3 cats and 2 humans can fit on one bed comfortably!!  Yay for everyone sleeping!

Breaking the silence with a revelation!

Well, not a spectacular revelation, but it’s big for me nonetheless.

First, I am sorry about my absence of late.  Between the new video podcast ( – you should check it out) and the crazy hacks liquidkitties got (sorry about that, we thought we were fixed twice before we got it right), then forgetting my new password, I have been ignoring the blog.  But, I want to get better.  Maybe I’ll blog inbetween podcasts.

So here it goes.  The revelation.  If you remember before the absence, I was spinning for a SPAKAL (spin-along knit-along), wherein the participants spin a sweater’s worth of yarn then knit a sweater.  I tried *very hard* during  Tour de Fleece to spin 1 ounce a day of my moorit.  Then, I tried alternating the moorit with some beautiful color from knittyandcolor.  Then, I abandoned the Tour.  I crashed out.  Hard.  Only half-way through.  Drove my little “bike” right off that mountain.

But, today, I figured out why while I was perusing my queue.  I am not in love with the chosen SPAKAL sweater.  I need to get to spinning for a sweater that would be awesome in my handspun that I LEURVE with all my heart.

And then, in my queue, I found this pattern.  The Vodka Lemonade by Thea Colman.

I leurve this sweater.  Three-quarter length sleeves. Cute shawl collar. Cute lace detail, which also is on the back. Mostly stockinette. And is DK, and my two-ply usually turns out to be roughly a DK, which means it will require fewer singles to be spun. And how nice would that look in that light brown? YAY I HAVE FOUND MY FUN AGAIN FOR THIS PROJECT!

I type that in all caps, fully knowing it means I’m shouting, because I feel like shouting it from the rooftops.  I am *so happy* that I may have found my inspiration for this again.  I am considering getting my fantastic talented husband to mod this picture to be the brown of my wool, print it out, and tape it to the wall behind my desk in my craft room, so I stay excited and can keep my eyes on that goal.  While catching up on my Knitmore Girls listening, I was reminded that the goal was to cast on around the beginning of September, which I don’t think I can attain at this point, but I think I can probably attain maybe the end of September and still be finished with the sweater by the end of the year.

Now, believe me, I will still be working on pretty colors on my travel wheel while the SPAKAL knitting stays at home on the Pioneer.  I have to break up the monotone somehow.  But now that I’m back to excited, I may end up traveling with Frederick (if you remember, that’s my Pioneer’s name) just to get going on this project!

Yay!  Cheer me on here, guys.  I need positive comments on this post to keep me going.

Nerd Wars has Taken Over

Nerd Wars has taken over my crafting. I should have known it would happen, but since the challenges were released on June 1, all I have been able to think about is “what can I do to answer a challenge?”

So, I crocheted a doily.

Rose's doily

Then, I knitted a kitten.

I’m sure, if you’re a Doctor Who fan, you get the references.

Well, maybe for the doily, but the kitten is in honor of the kittens stuck in traffic in the Gridlock episode with the 10th Doctor, in case you missed that one.

It’s been really nice to make things just for the sake of making them! Lately I have been making things because I want the item. These were just for fun, and it was nice. And they were relatively quick to complete, so that was good. A little immediate gratification.

After that, the spinning bug bit me. So I plied.

And plied some more.

And now, I guess I’m back to what was scheduled to be done two weeks ago.  Now that I have a podcast, I need to keep my viewers happy!  This week they will learn the fickleness which is Mandikat.

We Are Yarn no longer resides here!

My podcast, We Are Yarn, now has it’s own home, Please hang out here on my blog if you like, but if you are looking for the podcast, please follow the link.

Thanks so much to Space Cadet Creations for mentioning me in her recent email/blog!

We Are Yarn Podcast – Episode 1 – The Pilot!

Yay Episode One!

**EDITED TO ADD** this is the only episode to show it’s face on this blog. is live (or will be very very soon) and will be the official host for any further podcast episodes. Thanks so much! **END PSA, BACK TO REGULARLY SCHEDULED SHOW NOTES**

I’m working on Watershed in HGL Worsted from Happy-Go-Lucky.

I finished Baby Surprise Jacket with matching Stay-on Booties, and need help with Lacy Tank.

I am spinning fibers from knittyandcolor and Alpaca and Ewe.

I acquired yarn from the Interstellar Yarn Alliance from SpaceCadet Creations.

Flash the stash… more Happy-Go-Lucky, Mama Zooma, DaizieKnits, and GnomeAcres.

What’s Next? The SPAKAL with The Knitmore Girls!  I got my Shetland Moorit from Paradise Fibers.